Cute little cupcakes with frosting on the top – who can resist these little treats?? My selection of cupcakes suit all occasions from a birthday gift to a wedding tower.

I endeavour to deliver the cupcakes myself, free of charge, to areas within a  5 mile radius from my home in Creswell, on the border of Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire/South Yorkshire. If you live further afield, let me know and I can give you a quote on a delivery charge. I try whenever possible to deliver them myself as this adds to the personal quality of my service. (Plus if I hired a driver, he or she may be tempted to have a bite!).

I have been baking since I was a child, but have developed my passion for cupcakes over the past few years. They are just the right size and can be decorated beautifully. I love the fact that they have become so popular in recent years and that we are starting to see them at birthday celebrations, Halloween parties and weddings. They are also the perfect edible gift for a friend or relative and are presented in a gift box.

My cupcakes are made from good quality ingredients and come in a variety of flavours. They are then topped with either buttercream or sugarpaste and decorated with sprinkles or sugarpaste decorations.

I have been complimented by friends a number of times about by buttercream, so a little secret for you – I add a splash of milk and a little vanilla extract to make it perfect!

The sugarpaste decorations have all been made by myself. You can often find me at the weekend or in the evening in my kitchen, cutting out little shapes and painting them beautiful colours! My collection of cutters is ever expanding!

At present, I offer cupcakes with the following flavours. Though keep an eye on this page as more flavours will be added in the future!

  •  Vanilla – can you beat the original vanilla cupcake?
  •  Chocolate – made with real melted chocolate
  •  Coffee – made with espresso coffee, one for the coffee lovers
  •  Mocha – chocolate and coffee, you can’t go wrong
  •  Lemon – made with real lemon
  •  Vanilla and Raspberry – this a flavour I did for a friend a while back and the response was that these all went first. The sponge is made with vanilla extract and raspberry jam

The buttercream is also offered in a number of flavours and can be coloured to suit your colour requirements!

  • Vanilla – the perfect topping to the vanilla cupcake
  • Chocolate- made with real melted chocolate
  • Coffee – made with espresso coffee
  • Mocha – I like this buttercream on a chocolate cupcake!
  • Lemon – with real lemon
  • White Chocolate – this has just a hint of melted white chocolate in it and goes really well on the vanilla and raspberry cupcake
  • Peppermint – fantastic on a chocolate cupcake

Whilst I intend to add to the flavours, please feel free to email me with any flavour suggestions that you have – who knows, they could end up on this page!

My cupcakes are standard size, and are topped with a generous portion of buttercream or sugar paste.

Also, if you are ordering a large quantity of cupcakes for a celebration for example a wedding or birthday party, you can hire a cake stand at a very reasonable price and for a small additional cost, I will set the cakes up for you. Please have a look on my cake stand hire page for further details.

The minimum order is 6 cupcakes of one flavour (eg, 6 vanilla or 6 chocolate).

You can select more than one flavour for quantities of 12 or more.

All cupcakes come packaged in boxes of 6 and 12. The boxes have clear windows so that you can see inside and are wrapped with ribbon. I have a variety of colours of ribbon and you can select when you order which colour you would prefer.

  • White
  • Baby pink
  • Red
  • Lime green
  • Yellow
  • Lilac

There is no additional charge for packaging.