What is the price of your cupcakes?

My cupcakes are £1.25 each. A box of 6 costs £7.50 and a box of 12 is £15

What is the price of your biscuits?

My biscuits are 75p each

How do I make an order?

You can either email me or contact me via telephone. Details can be found on my contact page

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order is 6 cupcakes or biscuits

How far in advance do I make an order?

The earlier in advance, the better because then I can make sure I fit you in the diary! However, should you wish to make an order close to the date that you want the cakes, it is always worth giving me a bell or dropping me an email, so that I can try and squeeze you in

What are my payment options?

At the moment, the payment options are cash on delivery of the cakes/biscuits or through Paypal. I intend to look in to obtaining a card machine in the future.

How do you deliver?

Whenever possible, I make deliveries myself, in my car, to give that extra personal touch.

Delivery Prices

Delivery is free within a 5 mile radius of Creswell.  If you live further afield please contact me for a quote on delivery.

How should the cupcakes be stored?

Cupcakes are best stored at room temperature in the box that they come packaged in

What is the shelf life of your cupcakes and biscuits?

Delicious treats should be eaten as soon as possible! Cupcakes are best the fresher they are. They are best eaten with the first 24 hours, but will last up to 2 or 3 days.

Biscuits will last longer, but I would advise to eat them within the first 3 days

How are the cupcakes and biscuits packaged?

The cupcakes are packaged in boxes of 6 or 12, in a box with a clear window. They are then gift wrapped with ribbon.

Biscuits are individually packaged in clear bags with a Cake The Biscuit sticker.

Not found your answer?

Please get in touch with me via the contact page. You can either call me or send me an email